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Professional Window Cleaning with Cleantastic

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Cleantastic promises to deliver a level of service above and beyond anything you’ve experienced to date. As with all our services, we take window cleaning seriously. Your windows will look great year-round – inside and out. All of our owner operators are trained to professionally clean glass and windows, so if you are looking for windows and glass that sparkle give us a call. We can clean your entire workplace, home, school, kindergarten. In some regions we have our own Cleantastic specialist window cleaning professionals, these franchisees window clean as the main part of their business. Ask us as we love cleaning glass!

Why is window cleaning important?

While there are a lot of reasons – such as better heat efficiency – the main reason is that windows significantly affect the way visitors perceive the credibility of a business? Subliminally or completely consciously, the majority of people will pay attention to how clean your glass is when visiting a store. Dirty windows can suggest a careless attitude and represent a business as less trustworthy and attractive overall. Clean windows, on the other hand, attract more visitors to the stores.

Why should I choose Cleantastic for window cleaning?

Cleantastic cleaning professionals are trained to deliver at the highest level. Organised, reliable, on-time and always professional, we don’t just promise an incredible clean, we guarantee it.

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