Great relationships and excellent service

GreyLeavesCleantastic Wellington recently won a new cleaning job with Markhams (a chartered accountancy firm), which grew from an existing great relationship with Cleantastic Wellington. Markhams have provided accountancy services for Cleantastic Wellington for the last few years.

A few months ago, they asked Cleantastic to complete some bathroom cleaning. Because the cleaning was done so well, they then increased the job to a regular 3-weekly bathroom clean. And recently the job grew even bigger – Cleantastic Wellington are now providing a weekly office clean as well as the bathroom cleaning.

Markhams are so pleased with the service from Cleantastic Wellington, they are promoting us as an excellent cleaning provider in their regular newsletter to clients. This experience proves the value of maintaining a great client relationship – you never know what is around the corner and it never hurts to seek work from unexpected quarters.

Sometimes the jobs are where you are not looking – right under your nose!