Finding work in Chinese communities outside Auckland

Auckland now has a vibrant Chinese community of 118,230 people making up 2.6% the entire Auckland population. Increasingly Chinese are choosing different areas of New Zealand to live now that communities are well established in Wellington and Christchurch. Nearly 20,000 Chinese now live in the South Island, and much of the growth is coming from opportunities in Christchurch since the earthquake.

chinese living in new zealand

Many Chinese look at outside of Auckland because of the better chance to own their own home. 37.8% of Chinese had moved residence within New Zealand at least once in the last five years. New Zealand now has a population of 4,466,000 people as of May 2013. There are now 171,411 Chinese in New Zealand, up 16.2% on 2006.

Earning Potential in New Zealand


The median earning for men is $19,100 and for women $14,100. Chinese have embraced business ownership with just as many Chinese owning businesses as the wider New Zealand population at 15.4%.


chinese earning in new zealand

Cleantastic Business Operators


Many of our business owners are earning up 40,000, 50,000 or sometimes up to $60,000 from local opportunities by starting their cleaning business in Auckland, or taking advantage of new opportunities outside of Auckland in Waikato, Christchurch, Wellington and Hawke’s Bay.

There is an income gap between what many immigrants are paid in salary and what they can earn by working independently through their own business. We try and help migrants start their own business with the confidence of guaranteed work supply and tried and true business processes.

chinese franchise owners earning in new zealand


Watch Zhao Yue (Jack) talk about making the decision