Professional cleaning services - People/Guarantee

Cleantastic’s professional cleaning services and staff are the best in the industry

We’re happy to make this promise because we leave nothing to chance. We start with a rigorous franchisee selection process and then back this up with an intensive training program and fastidious attention to detail in everything we do.

Typically, our cleaners are husband and wife teams who actually own their own business. They have been selected for their ability to pay attention to the small details, to work as a team and to take great pride in delivering the best possible professional cleaning services to their clients.

Our people become an asset to any organisation, as they consistently deliver a high standard of cleaning on every visit.

All Cleantastic franchisees own their own business. Unlike most cleaning companies who typically employ lower-paid transient workers to deliver their service, Cleantastic people are all highly motivated, professionally trained owner-operators.

Each franchisee has a vested interest in delivering a quality of service to you that builds their business and their reputation. This enables us to provide cleaners who really care about what they do.

Our guarantee

Proposals from cleaning companies are often filled with shallow promises.

At Cleantastic, we make it simple and clear by offering all clients the Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning Performance Guarantee. We know you won’t need to use it, but it’s good to know it’s there:

If, for any reason, you have a cleaning problem, we guarantee to fix it on the next visit. If we don’t, you get the whole week’s cleaning free. No arguments, we just do it!

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