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Greg Paget,
Cleantastic NZ Master Franchisee

Cleantastic™ is a NZ commercial cleaning company founded in the 1990s with the strategic intent of using the franchise model to deliver a consistently high quality of commercial cleaning services to its client base. The company’s original founder and franchisor Stuart Beadle identified that the traditional approach to commercial cleaning had always delivered inconsistent results. Other cleaning companies were employing staff in a traditional manner with low wage structures, resulting in them struggling to consistently deliver exceptional commercial cleaning services. Commercial cleaning companies had a reputation for delivering a high level of service for a time but given the nature of the low remuneration paid to staff, standards would eventually slip. Seeing an opportunity for a superior commercial cleaning service, he did some testing and started the franchise, which quickly grew. The network was extended to Australia where there are currently over 800 franchisees. In 2013 Stuart moved to the USA to expand Cleantastic further internationally.

A NZ Cleaning company based in Hawke’s Bay

In 2007, the New Zealand Master Franchise was purchased by Hawke’s Bay-based Tracey and Kevin Richardson. Since then, the husband and wife pair have doubled the size of the business and number of franchisees and have a goal to double it again in the next 5 years.  In order to make that goal happen, in late 2013 after nearly 7 years as New Zealand Master Franchisees, Tracey and Kevin purchased the Cleantastic Franchisors rights; brand, trademarks, system  and intellectual property for New Zealand, from Stuart Beadle. They now own and operate Cleantastic wholly and independently from Australia and the other international Cleantastic locations.

Tracey & Kevin both live and breathe the same values, high standards, motivation, dedication and commitment to the Cleantastic brand that they demand from their New Zealand franchisees and staff. As a result of their specialist systems, high performance expectations and genuine support for their staff and franchisees, the Cleantastic brand is well on the way to be renowned as the most successful franchise-based commercial cleaning company in New Zealand. They want to be judged by the business and wider community as fair, honest and trustworthy in everything they say and do.

Customers choose Cleantastic because they are assured of a high-quality clean every time by commercial cleaners who genuinely care.

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