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Megan & Franco, husband & wife team since 2010 - Cleantastic - NZ Commercial Cleaning Company

Megan & Franco,
husband & wife team since 2010

Looking for a professional commercial
cleaning company?

The choice is easy.

We promise to deliver a level of cleaning services beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. We take commercial cleaning seriously.

We understand the importance of a healthy, clean workplace and we have a reputation for quality service, trustworthy staff and a track record of genuinely impressed clients.

Our people care.

Typically, our cleaners are husband and wife teams who actually own their own business. They have been selected for their absolute attention to detail, their ability to work as a team and to take great pride in delivering the best possible cleaning results to their clients.

Our people become an asset to any organisation, as they consistently deliver a high standard of commercial cleaning on every visit.

Put simply, our people are highly motivated, professionally trained, dedicated individuals with a vested interest in ensuring your requirements are met each and every time they visit.

After all, they own their own business!

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